Harnessing the Power of Local Capital
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What it is

We are a group of community leaders concerned about the social, economic and cultural needs in relation to local food in BC.

Knives and Forks


To promote and provide strategic and responsible community investment in local food production and distribution.


To provide capital to support local food-related economic activity and increase access to a sustainable local food supply for British Columbians.


Investments are loaned to businesses with outstanding management, the capacity for innovation and demonstrated demand for the product or service.


Businesses seeking funding send a preliminary application to Knives & Forks. If the business fits with our principles and objectives, the applicant will be asked to pitch the business and finance request at an upcoming Pitch Session.


We hope to create meaningful relationships between loan recipients and member mentors. Each loan recipient will be paired up with a member of Knives & Forks who has a complementary skill set and is a personality fit.

How It Works



Membership costs $100. Members are eligible to invest in the co-op’s lending activities. The minimum investment is $2,400; the maximum investment is $4,800.

Pitch Sessions

Members attend our semi–annual pitch sessions where they hear local food businesses pitch their business ideas. Members vote on their favourite business. One member, one vote. Finalists move forward for due diligence and adjudication by the Investment Committee.


Our events and pitch sessions let members connect, discuss the value they find in investing in their community, and become more engaged in the investment process. Not to mention, they're a lot of fun.

As a member investor of Knives & Forks, you directly support the community in which we live and work. Shop at the businesses you invest in. Socialize your investment with your neighbour. Become empowered in how your money is invested.

Together as the Knives & Forks Community Investment Co-op, we are harnessing the power of our local capital and keeping it flowing within our community.



  • FEBRUARY 2015

    Consultations with community members with a mutual interest in strengthening BC's local food economy.

  • APRIL 2015

    Group of community leaders gathered to discuss structure of the investment co-op. Rules of the Co-op were created.

  • SEPTEMBER 2015

    Applications open for membership and investment.

  • OCTOBER 2015

    Applications closed for membership and investment. Lauch party and inaugural pitch session.

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